Friday, May 27, 2011

Omega Psi Phi Fraternity named Chapter of the Year

Grand Basileus Andrew Ray, Basileus Eric Harley, VB Henry Mack, 
District Rep Kenny Rodgers, and Bro. Sherman Charles
(Reported by the Community Journal Vol. 18 No.2 pg. 22)
The local Westbury chapter of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity was recently awarded Chapter of the Year for the Second District. This prestigious award is presented for the chapter's outstanding community service. The members key initiatives include its Blood drive initiative, voter registration drive, youth mentoring program, scholarship fundraising and for their support of local military families.

"The brothers of Omega Psi Phi are committed to our social action and service as well as being a beacons of light in the community. We look forward to continuing to provide support to Long Island for years to come" said Eric Harley, Chapter Basileus (President).

Omega Psi Phi was founded Nov. 17, 1911 on the campus of Howard University by three undergraduate students – Edgar A. Love, Oscar J. Cooper and Frank Coleman with the assistance of faculty advisor, Ernest E. Just.

The Fraternity will celebrate its 100th anniversary July 27-31 in Washington D.C. More than 25,000 fraternity members are expected to attend the celebration. “As we close our first century of service, Omega continues to stand firm on the principles of manhood, scholarship, perseverance and uplift,” Harley said.

Omega was forged by the friendship shared by its founders. The fraternity’s mission is to uplift the downtrodden of society and serve as a powerful influence in the lives of African-Americans. Each of the founders had very distinguished careers in their chosen fields: Edgar A. Love became a Methodist bishop; Oscar Cooper practiced medicine in Philadelphia for over 50 years; Frank Coleman became the chairman of the Department of Physics at Howard University and Dr. Ernest E. Just became a world-renowned biologist and a recipient of the first prestigious NAACP Spingarn Medal.

Noteworthy Omegas include: Charles R. Drew, Langston Hughes, Benjamin E. Mays, Percy Julian, Ronald McNair, Charles Bolden Jesse Jackson, and Congressman James Clyburn. Approximately 120,000 men have been initiated into Omega Psi Phi since its founding.

For more information contact:
Walter Oden 516-965-6835

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

63rd Second District Conference - Cherry Hill, NJ

Cherry Hill, NJ - May 3, 2011, Corridor 5 would like to congratulate Corridor Representative, Bro. Kevin J. Woodhouse on being selected as the District Corridor Representative of the Year. Also, we congratulate Bro. Steve Schmidt for being a Stand-in for founder, Frank Coleman. Bro. T. Ed McBride, Jr. was named Corridor 5 Basileus of the Year, and Basileus Eric Harley and the brothers of Sigma Beta Beta were named small Chapter of the Year at the 63rd Second District Conference.

Other awards taken home by Corridor 5 were for outstanding Achievement Week program (Alpha Upsilon Chapter) and the Rudolph W. Powell Creativity Award for Retention (Xi Lambda Lambda Chapter).

Our Talent Hunt contestants from Alpha Upsilon, Psi Lambda Lambda and Xi Phi Chapters all took 1st Place in their respective categories.

Grand Basileus Andrew Ray, Corridor Rep Kevin Woodhouse
and District Rep Kenny Rodgers

Basileus Eric Harley (Chapter of theYear), Basileus T. Ed McBride, Jr (Basileus of the Year),
Kevin Woodhouse (Corridor Rep of the Year) and Steve Schmidt (Founder Frank Coleman Standin)

Brothers of Corridor 5

Let's all celebrate at the Corridor 5 Centennial Cookout on Saturday, August 13, 2011.